Realme C51 128GB Price in Pakistan & Specifications 2024

Realme C51 128GB Price in Pakistan & Specifications 2024

Alright, folks, hold on to your hats! The Realme C51 is here, and it’s packing a punch without knocking out your wallet.

Price in Pakistan:

First things first, let’s talk moolah. The Realme C51 128GB is priced around PKR 28,999. Not too shabby for a phone that promises a lot, right? It’s like getting a fancy coffee machine for the price of a year’s supply of instant coffee.


Now, let’s dive into what makes this phone tick.

  • Storage: 128GB. Yep, you read that right. Enough space to store all your memes, cat videos, and those hundreds of photos you swear you’ll organize someday.
  • RAM: 4GB. Smooth enough to run your favorite apps without turning into a lag-fest. Perfect for those who believe in multitasking, like watching Netflix while pretending to work.
  • Display: 6.5 inches HD+. It’s big, it’s bright, and it’s perfect for binge-watching your favorite shows. No more squinting!
  • Camera: Dual Camera Setup – 13MP main shooter and 2MP depth sensor. Your Instagram game is about to get a serious upgrade. Plus, there’s a 5MP front camera for all your selfie needs. Say cheese!
  • Battery: 5000mAh. This beast will keep you going all day long. No more carrying a power bank the size of a brick.
  • Processor: Unisoc T610. It’s like the unsung hero of processors, quietly doing its job without any fuss.
  • Operating System: Realme UI based on Android 12. Smooth, intuitive, and with just enough customization to make your phone truly yours.

A Little More to Love:

  • Fingerprint Sensor: Side-mounted. Quick and easy access, just a thumb away. No more awkwardly poking at the back of your phone.
  • Face Unlock: Because who doesn’t want to feel like they’re in a sci-fi movie every time they unlock their phone?


The Realme C51 128GB is like that reliable friend who’s always there for you, whether you’re broke or balling. It’s got a solid mix of features, great storage, and a price tag that won’t make your wallet cry. If you’re in the market for a new phone in 2024, this one should definitely be on your radar.

So, are you ready to upgrade your phone game without breaking the bank? The Realme C51 might just be your perfect match. And hey, think of all the extra snacks you can buy with the money you’ll save!



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