Samsung Galaxy A24 Price in Pakistan & Specifications

Samsung Galaxy A24 Price in Pakistan & Specifications

Looking for a phone that won’t break the bank but still offers solid performance? Say hello to the Samsung Galaxy A24! It’s like the budget-friendly hero we all need. Let’s dive into what makes this phone a great choice and how much it’s going to set you back in Pakistan.

Price in Pakistan

First things first, the price. In Pakistan, the Samsung Galaxy A24 comes in at around PKR 45,000. Yep, you read that right. It’s not going to make your wallet cry, and that’s always a plus!


Now, let’s talk about what’s under the hood. The Galaxy A24 isn’t just about being affordable; it’s got some decent specs too.

Display: The phone boasts a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display. Colors pop like they’re auditioning for a candy commercial. Watching videos or scrolling through your social media feed will be a treat.

Processor: Powering this bad boy is the Mediatek Helio G99. It’s not going to win any races against flagship phones, but it handles everyday tasks smoothly. Think of it as the reliable tortoise rather than the speedy hare.

RAM and Storage: You get 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. That’s plenty for all your apps, photos, and those memes you can’t stop collecting. Plus, if you need more space, there’s a microSD slot available. Because, let’s face it, we all need more room for those cat videos.

Camera: The triple-camera setup on the back is pretty nifty. There’s a 48MP main sensor, a 5MP ultra-wide, and a 2MP macro. For selfies, you get a 13MP front camera. Your Instagram game just got a serious upgrade.

Battery: The 5,000mAh battery ensures you won’t be left searching for a charger by midday. And with 15W fast charging, you can juice up quickly when you do need to plug in.

Software: Running the show is Android 12 with Samsung’s One UI 4.1. It’s smooth, user-friendly, and packed with features.

A Little Humor to Lighten Up

If the Samsung Galaxy A24 were a person, it would be that friend who’s always up for an adventure but knows how to stick to a budget. It’s like buying a comfy sweater that looks good and doesn’t make you itch – practical and stylish!

Final Thoughts

The Samsung Galaxy A24 is a solid choice for anyone looking for a reliable smartphone without spending a fortune. With its impressive display, decent performance, and good camera setup, it’s got all the essentials covered. So, if you’re in Pakistan and on the hunt for a new phone, the Galaxy A24 might just be your new best friend.


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